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Akshit gandhi

I may not be a good writer. My words may become blurred or unclear. That is why I choose to participate in other's lives and slice the moment out of their lives to freeze it forever. I live every moment of life- now and forever! And moreover being a photographer I can say a photographer is a person 4 whom every person rich or poor every thing living or non living every religion hindu muslim sikh christian every one is same He enjoys life through his lens.

Editor | Filmmaker | Storyteller
Hitesh Dua

After completing his high school, he took admission in Film Editing programme at Institute of film and television, Rohtak. Then came a drastic change in his life which totally changed his point of view towards life. He watched many of great films of all time , he was moved by Polanski's " The Pianist " and Roberto Benigini's " Life is Beautiful".

Sonud Engineer / Music Producer From Mumbai
Dipan Das

He is a passout from SUPVA (Film Institute) in SOUND specialisation. He is currently working in the MUMBAI FILM INDUSTRY and has worked in various Films and regional films as well as Web series, some of the latest releases are * AADHAAR, RAM PRASAD KI TEHRVI, KOLAAMBI, THAKKOL, SAN84, OUT OF LOVE(Hotstar), KD, KALANKINEEZ(MTV)* and the list continues ...

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